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In the age of the renewable energy we have to move past our dependence on coal, petroleum and other non-renewable energy sources. Nobody should invest in technology without a future. Unfortunately most of the world is still investing in these unsustainable energy sources. The challenge for us and future generations is to recognize the value of renewable and sustainable energy resources and to develop reliable technologies for their use.
We specialize in the use of different vegetable oils in diesel engines. Over the past decades we have worked all over the world providing systems for diesel engines that provide the consistent and trouble free operation that consumers demand. We also provide assistance with the complete fuel chain. This includes the collection and filtering of waste vegetable oil as well as crushing seed crops. We have years of experience with different oil sources all over the world, like Canola, Sunflower, Camelina, Coconut, Palm and Jatropha. Especially in Western countries we have started to look more and more at recycled fat, grease and oils as viable feed stocks. Our goal is to offer the highest quality energy solutions and to promote further development of sustainable alternative energy options. Please contact us for further information.

Conversion kits for SVO/WVO
ECM software modification
All about SVO/WVO fuel...
Worldwide consultancy and training
Conversion kits and spare parts
Conversion kits and spare parts
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Modeling and simulation

- 03/2021 Workshop und Training updates
- 01/2021 New softwareupgrades for different brands
- 09/2020 Biodegradable engine oil 5W-40 available in the online shop
- 06/2020 No business restrictions due to COVID 19 so far
- 02/2020 GSEITT-2020 in Germany
- 10/2019 Company presentation 2019 in Zurich
- 09/2019 New Software Upgrades for Bosch / Delphi / Motorola
- 07/2019 Asia / AUS / NZ information tour 2019
- 05/2019 Plant oil conversion for Delphi Common Rail
- 03/2019 DPF for LUPO 3L
- 01/2019 South American VW models in our online shop now
- 11/2018 Customer Tour Western Europe 2018
- 09/2018 Project engine control unit for multi fuel
- 07/2018 our company presentation in Zurich / Switzerland
- 06/2018 our annual Asian, Australian and New Zealand customer tour
- 05/2018 from now on kits for Chevrolet cars available
- 03/2018 Our Isuzu online shop chapter got widely updated
- 01/2018 release of some DPF systems for WVO/SVO conversions


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