2007 News...

10/2007 Great Britain

Bracknell/UK/10/2007 -Together with the local mechanic team we converted a test fleet of 5 brand new EURO5 DAF trucks to operate it on Rapeseed oil. The Rapeseed oil was supplied by British farmers. Part of the project was the monitoring and optimization of exhaust emissions while operating on straight vegetable oil.

08/2007 United States

North Carolina/USA/08/2007 - Together with Rachel Burton from Piedmont Biofiuls we carried out another workshop, where we fitted first our medium size conversion kit on a new Cummins Common Rail engine.

06/2007 Cambodia

Phnom Penh/Cambodia/06/2007 - Member of our staff demonstrated the multi fuel technology on second hand engines widely used in Cambodia. These applications help the local farmers to produce their own electricity and fire their iron buffaloes with local produced Jatropha oil. A report about this development is downloadable here. Furthermore this "learning by doing workshop" enabled the participants to develop their own conversions based on local sources.