2012 News...


Chiclayo/Peru 10/2012 - Together with the GIZ ANC joined a workshop to introduce the conversion technology for pickup-trucks and to teach local people in biofuel handling.

03/2012 Honduras

Dahli/Honduras/03/2012 - ANC joined in cooperation with GIZ a follow up workshop in Dahli to continue conversions on pickups to run them on Jatropha oil.

03/2012 United States

Los Angeles/Madison/United States/03/2012 - In March we introduced first time single tank technology on VW PD engines to California during a workshop in LA. Furthermore we joined the first assembling of our fuel control b-version and our Bionizing technology on Sterling trucks in Wisconsin.


Hilpoltstein/Germany/Africa/Southeast-Asia /01/2012 - ANC is introducing new Dual Fuel Injectors (DFI), especially made for basic single cylinder engines, well known and used in development countries. These technology enables users to purge the entire injection system including the injector nozzles manually right before the start. So far a purging of the system before stopping the engine is not longer necessary.