2015 News...

12/2015 Happy New Year 2016!

We like to wish all our loyal customers the best for 2016 and thank you for the great support in 2015. Thanks to you we could grow our business again under real complicate conditions. We expanded our business to a couple of new countries and beside our daily business we realized a couple of real outstanding projects. With your help we developed a new generation of super heavy duty conversion applications for engines above 1 MW. See you next year again.

Happy New Year 2016!

12/2015 Special guest: ELSBETT Renault-21 from 1987

From October until December we welcomed a very special guest for service. The only Renault car we ever equipped with the legendary ELSBETT engine. The conversion was made in 1987 and the car and engine still in an incredible good shape. After finishing all the service and small repair work, the owner made it home back to France. We hope for another 28 years of this unique car. 

09/2015 Exhaust gas emission of modern diesel engines

These few lines hopefully will help you to better understand the present discussion about the exhaust gas emissions of some Volkswagen engines. We will give you some explanations about different emissions, tests and conclusions for our SVO technology. The present controversial diesel emission data was actually discovered by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) already in 2013. The scandal came up when Volkswagen couldn’t give a plausible answer to the EPA on these emission result differences between test bench and real drive results. The most critical differences read more here

07/2015 Deutz industrial engine kits

In July 2015 we start to launch conversion kits for the most popular brand of industrial engines: DEUTZ.  This manufacturer is producing engines for agricultural, construction machinery, maritime applications and for gen-sets as well. They cover engine displacements fro 2.9L up to 16L . They present models are equipped with modern Unit injector or Common Rail diesel injection systems made by BOSCH, which makes them usable for SVO/WVO engine conversions. So you may find now nearly all versions which are available for a conversion in our onlineshop. Most of them got released for almost all our SVO/WVO standards. If you are not sure, please contact us with your details here.

05/2015 Now we care about the smallest...

In May 2015 we start to launch conversion kits for the most popular brands of Micro-cars like Aixam, Ligier, Microcar and Piaggio. We offered them since a while on special requests, but we thought it is time to sort them well and list them in our shop. So you may find now nearly all versions which are available for a conversion in our onlineshop. Most of them got released for almost all our SVO/WVO standards. If you are not sure, please contact us with your details here.

03/2015 Welcome to copy - to get a clean way to clean up your WVO/PPO

We want to give our customers an idea how to find and put pieces for a simple WVO refinery together (mechanical refinery). You are welcome to copy our experiences and ideas of this equipment. We inform about sources and link to suppliers. Finally we hope you will be able to set up a proper refinery for your waste oil. We invite you to tell us your improvements and will share them with other customers. More about that like manual, parts, part list you may find in our online shop.

02/2015 New online offers - Soot filter systems for biofuels/SVO/WVO/PPO

With the upcoming problems with OEM soot filter (DPF) systems while running the applications on bio-fuels we took the challenge and developed and tried systems which perform reliable on different kind of bio-fuels. This system will give you a further reduction of particles in the exhaust emissions of your application. With this technical solution we made the WVO/SVO technology even ready for environmental areas we have in different German cities since a couple of years. The systems we offer are made for cars and light trucks, depending from the demand we will enlarge the program step by step. At the moment we have online offers for brands like AUDI, SKODA, SEAT, Mercedes and Volkswagen. Other are available on request. Just use our contact forms for giving us the details.

01/2015 Online-Shop/World - New Land Rover and Ford Powerstroke 1-Tank kits

In January we started to launch our new single tank kits for all 7,3L Ford Powerstroke kits with HEUI injection systems. The Kit contains a software upgrade which may reduce even the fuel consumption of this "huge" engine. Beside this we start to offer a single tank kit for another famous off-road engine: TD5 from Land Rover.All these kits are release for new and used vegetable oils which meet our fuel standards which are available in our shop, like Rapeseed, Canola, Sunflower, Jatropha or Palm

01/2015 World - What is going on with the fuel price?

During the last weeks we got many of questions about the further development of renewable fuels, while we are experiencing a significant decrease of the crude oil price at this moment. What does it all mean to us?
First of all: Even cheap crude oil price doesn't make it any more sustainable or carbon neutral. Negative results for all of us still the same. At the moment the price is even far away from covering the most of exploration cost not talking about realistic production cost, they never got covered in the past and will not in the future.
In general this low crude oil price reflects an on-going market conflict especially between North America and Saudi Arabia. North American companies try to get their shares on the market with oil coming from fracking or oil sand. As a result of that Saudi Arabia sales a lot of relative cheap oil to get the world market price below the production cost of fracking or exploration from oil sand which are mostly above USD 60-100. They even avoid to set lower production limits to stabilize the oil price regarding to the relative low world economy.
Negative side effects are other struggling oil based economies like Russia or countries in Central and South America. They have difficulties to pay back their depts, because they don’t make enough money on oil at the moment. All this will lead finally to a point that more costly sources will give up and get properly overtaken by the cheaper once. First indicators of that we already saw last week. Major oil equipment and source managing companies did start cutting jobs, like Civeo corp. or Halliburton. Finally this process will bring the oil price back to where it was in the past.
What is the actual effect to our biofuel. We see there mostly two groups of customers: Environmentally and financially motived people. Luckily today the first group is the major part of our customers. They just happy with building up their relatively independent fuel source not looking on the swinging crude oil price on the next filling stations. They enjoy the sustainability, the improvement of local economy and properly a long term benefit.
But from our point of view we are happy even with the other group so far, because it mostly based on waste vegetable oil. Originally this source was more or less for free. Over the time collecting companies were established and try to make this bigger and bigger. Many of them became simply subcontractors of the petrol industry by supplying an extra fuel source. The present crude oil price seems to make many of them unprofitable. So they gave up and left pretty much waste cooking oil again to the original single collectors or small local groups, which are mostly our customers.
In general we are learning from all this that we really have to keep this business local, try to build up real local cycles, because this will keep the money local and give benefits to local economies. This total different structure compare to existing fuel supplying structures seems the only profitable solution for biofuels, because it uses local sources without wasting part of it in transportation, extravagant fuel handling, etc.
So we still pretty optimistic for the future…and we will keep doing our part in this in 2015 as well. Stay with us :-)