2016 News...

09/2016 Release of Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD - single tank

One of our popular conversions moved to a single tank solution: Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD (engine code: ECD and ECE). The kit is available in our shop since September 2016 and we herewith cover a very popular model on all 5 continents. The kit is released for our quality standard for different liquid SVO and WVO. Same time we offer an upgrade for already converted "Patriots" with a similar engine which were fitted with a 2-Tank solution in the past.

07/2016 ANC visited partners and customers in Western Europe

Finally we made it happen. During the summer time we realized our since long time planned West European tour, to meet customers and partner workshops in the Netherlands, UK and Ireland. We were happy to see good friends after long time and enjoyed discussions with them about further potential of local markets. We mostly focused on the present tax situation in Europe and solution to keep the technology profitable for customers. This includes even the challenges of new diesel technologies on the market which give us more potential for new technical solutions.

05/2016 New super heavy fuel compact module-1

During the last months we introduced our new fuel compact module for super heavy applications up to 1.000HP (mobile applications) or 500kW (stationary applications). The module makes a save and fast standard fitting procedure available as far as all main components for preheating, filtering and controlling the fuel already pre-assembled in this unit. Furthermore it contains ports for monitoring sensors which are mandatory at these huge applications to prevent the engines from serious failures. The super heavy fuel compact module is the newest product of a complete new series of such modules which will be market during the next years for larger and smaller applications. The super heavy module comes even in a special edition with preheated fuel connecting pipes, which makes them available to handle solid and fatty fuels trouble free.

03/2016 Conversion kits for Opel cars and vans back in our shop now

People asked and did wait a while for the comeback of conversion kits for OPEL cars and vans. We did start this work with publishing the Holden models around two years ago. In March this year we could complete this "OPEL mission" and listed all available kits back to our online shop. As usually we offered single and 2-tank conversion kits for all models - if technically possible. Please let us know if we missed something, your suggestions are welcome.

01/2016 New developments for DENSO injection systems

This January we start to introduce more complex SVO or WVO conversion solutions for cars and trucks with DENSO injection systems. New tools enable us to optimize engine parameters on DENSO ECUs now. We are targeting with this to the request of many customers with cars, trucks and tractors made i.e. TOYOTA, HINO or JOHN DEERE.