2006 News...

12/2006 United States

New Hampshire/USA/12/2006 - In Manchester we demonstrated the technology on two brand new Kubota gen-sets, which went later for projects to Alaska and Brazil. Both applications run on different kind of waste vegetable oil.

12/2006 Dominican Republic

Haiti/Dominican Republic/12/2006 - Together with the GTZ we participated on a workshop where people could experience the entire chain of Jatropha oil. Our part was her the conversion of gen-sets for rural electrification in Haiti and cars to demonstrate the use of biofuels on the Dominican roads.

05/2006 Mali

05/2006/Bamako/Mali - In cooperation with the local partner we realized a three days follow up workshop, where we demonstrated the technology on another pickup. During this time we could visit even the truck we converted 5 years ago, not in the best shape, but still running on Jatropha oil.