03/2017 30 years Jatrotha oil technology

30 years ago we finished our first Jatropha projects in cooperation with the GTZ on Cape Verde. Originally these projects were made to support local farmers and to protect agriculture from erosion and other damages. The collected nuts grow on fences around the fields were processed to oil. This oil was used for local machinery driven by ELSBETT engines and for some production of soap. Unfortunately many of these projects were captured by huge agricultural enterprises to produce Jatropha based biofuel on mega plantations for the entire world. Most of these projects failed by well known reasons and people got lost again with their local problems. During the last 7-10 years we invested a lot to get these projects back to the original idea and suitable size  to make them profitable for the local people. We still believe that the technology still sustainable and may be a key to develop rural areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America by supplying them with local made fuel for their machinery.

01/2017 more Jeep models online now!

The release of the Single tank conversion kits for some Jeep model gave us motivation to renew our complete Jeep chapter in our online-shop. You may find there now more than 16 models and much more sub-models. The kits cover popular models like Grand Cherokee, Liberty or Patriot. All kits are released for new and waste vegetable oils which will meet our standards. Depending from the engine technology there are single and 2-tank-kits available. People who already got a conversion of their Jeep may have a look even for interesting upgrades.