Our "story"

The company ANC was founded in 2010. Initially we worked for the ELSBETT Technology company since 1990. In 2008 was a considerable change in the biofuels market in Germany. By the new energy tax law vegetable oil was overnight no longer competitive. Investors did not see any longer a possible satisfaction of their expectations in the market. As a result of this they removed their engagement even from the ELSBETT company. 

Nevertheless we felt that this technology should be preserved in the interests of existing clients and also because of its uniqueness and sustainability. So we established the ANC company and the GREASEnergy productline, and gradually built a storage and service. Today we are able to deliver all well known ELSBETT systems or their successors. Especially in the field of vehicle electronics control unit(ECU/PCM) optimization we've developed beyond intense.

Currently we are back all over the world with our products and projects and look forward to a rebirth of the market. The second or third generation biofuels are still not competitive, and certainly not available. That's enough incentive for us to further develop this technology and actively continue to popularize.