Range Extender and other interesting projects

Multifuel Range-Extender

With increasing global focus on energy prices and supply has come a sense of urgency in regard to increasing fuel efficiency. One of our co-founders, Alexander Noack, was involved with early range extender projects as a student 20 years ago. One of those projects assisted in the development of the SMART car.
Very few people know the entire story of the development of the SMART car. Initially the car was designed as a hybrid car with a multi-fuel combustion engine manufactured by ELSBETT. Unfortunately problems with the generator and the electronics created significant delays and the SMART car as we know it today is not a hybrid. Over the past year we have been attempting to revive this project with several partners building on the ideas from 20 years ago. As we progress we will update the website with news so stay tuned!

New Opposed Piston Engine (4SOPE) - Günter Elsbett

One of the former owners of the ELSBETT company, Mr. Günter Elsbett works since a couple of years on the development of a new opposed-piston-engine. Even we are not involved in this exciting project we would like to use the opportunity to point on this technology here. If you are looking for more details of this opposed-piston-engine 4SOPE(4-Stroke-Opposed-Piston-Engine) you may contact Mr. Günter Elsbett right here.