12/2020 Many thanks for 2020 and all the best for 2021

2020 was a difficult year for many of our customers. We appreciate all the more that you have remained loyal to us during this time and that we can look back on a successful year. As a thank you, there will be our special Xmas shipping service again this year over the Christmas season and the turn of the year. We wish you all the best for the festive season and the New Year 2021.

Please stay healthy!

09/2020 Bio-digradeable engine oil still available - Platomot 5W-40

Unfortunately, there have been local procurement problems with vegetable oil-based motor oils lately, which we particularly recommend for engines with direct injection when using vegetable oil. That is why we made an effort ourselves and stored Plantomot 5W-40. It can now also be ordered from our online shop. Vegetable engine oils reduce the risk of the lubricating oil polymerizing.

Like our other products, we send it via DHL. It can of course also be picked up.

06/2020 No business restrictions from COVID 19 so far

Germany stands still, we don't. Due to our favorable operating structure, we are practically not affected by the restrictions imposed by COVID 19. Our activities are running normally across Europe. Currently, there are only delays in projects outside of Europe, and that will probably not change this year either. Shipping is currently normal worldwide, except for smaller shipments of less than 5kg. We are currently looking for acceptable shipping alternatives. So far, smaller shipments have mostly been bundled successfully.

Please stay healthy!

02/2020 GSEITT-2020

We have been present in Southeast Asia with our technology for more than 25 years. In addition to purely commercial projects, we have also been involved with local organizations in the field of education since this time. This year we were able to welcome a larger group of students and teachers to an information tour in Germany for the first time. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the group also branched out into real-world applications of alternative energy generation in a wide variety of locations. In this way, many thanks again to all contributors!