2013 News...

08/2013 Denmark/UK/Mongolia

We are very proud that one team of the Mongol rally 2013 used our technology. One of our long term partners in Denmark Niels Ansoe carried out the conversion on the Skoda Fabia 1.4TDI and an amazing team of four Danish students finally made the 17.300km trip from the UK to Ulan Bator/Mongolia. More interesting information about this adventure you may find on the website of the "Mongol Rally" team. So finally thank you very much to all involved people who brought our technology first time to Mongolia!

08/2013 Malaysia

After a long preparation we finally realized the conversion of the new HINO 300 series. The engine is equipped with the new Common Rail injection system. With this conversion we are now able to cover the HINO series 300 and 700. The 700 series we converted, is already since 2006 in operation. This HINO 300 series will run on used palm oil. It will expand a trial we started in the country in 2006.

06/2013 Australia

Due to a project in Asia we took the opportunity to pay some of our Australian customers a visit. During the seven days trip we discussed issues related to the WVO and SVO market in Australia. We thank especially Jenny, Ian and Tom for their support during this trip, which made it for us very efficient and interesting. We were happy to see many of our customers and our products installed in Down-under.

05/2013 Germany

This month we finished our long-term single tank test with our Mercedes 220CDI-DPF. After 470.000 km running on different kind of oils like rapeseed, Jatropha and used vegetable oil we removed all special parts from the car and looked for possible damages. This is the major information: 1. The engine performs well like during the first days. No damages, breakdowns, etc. 2. The rest of the Mercedes car is in an unbelievable bad shape, which was the only reason for stopping this test. The list of chassis repair is long and after two really serious breakdowns related to the suspension we became worry about the general safety. 

01/2013 United States

Especially for the US biofuel market we start to offer more widely special ECU/PCM software upgrades to get a better performance on already converted engines running on WVO or serial engines running on B5-B100. We offer these upgrades for the most popular cars and trucks with BOSCH injection, but do even customized work on special request. Keep your engine clean!