11/2018 Our West European customer tour

At the end of October / beginning of November, it was time again for our customer tour 2018. Over several days we visited important customers in France, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland and the Netherlands. We discussed projects of the past months and gladly received suggestions and ideas from our customers and partners. In addition, we informed about upcoming innovations and developments, which will be launched in 2019. And of course, we had a lot of fun meeting good friends for a long time!

09/2018 Complete free programmable engine ECU for multi fuel applications

For several years now, we have dealt with the parameterization of engine control units (ECUs). Now we made another step with programing an ECU from ZERO, which means filling it first with a complete logic or strategy. After that we parameterized it and tried it successful on a modern diesel engine. In particular, this work highlights the tremendous potential of electronically controlled diesel injection systems in multi-fuel applications. Many OEMs could do so, if there would be enough motivation. For as it is a perfect base for more ambitious projects i.e. hybrid projects or super multifuel projects with liquid (SVO) and gasiform (biomethane) fuels.

07/2018 Our company presentation in Zurich / Switzerland

For the second time our company was invited to a company presentation in Zurich. In front of high-ranking representatives from the Asian economic area we presented the organization and fields of activity of our company. The invitation was based on our many years of experience and cooperation in various Asian countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and China. Following this year's event, it was agreed to further expand cooperation in the coming years.

06/2018 Our annual Asian, Australian and New Zealand customer tour

In 2018 we extended our annual Asian and Australian customer first time to New Zealand. We used the time to discuss actual projects. beside this we introduced the entire technology on a couple of public presentations. We were very happy to meet a good old friend, a Toyota converted nearly 20 years ago and still alive and run on SVO. Nearly everybody of the visitors wanted to miss the chance to run through a short filling "ceremony".

05/2018 Conversion kits for Chevrolet cars now available in our onlineshop

With the experience of our conversion kits for Opel and Vauxhall cars we now completed the Chevrolet chapter in our online shop. It contains kits for cars, SUVs and Vans. Please let us know if you miss anything, you may contact us by Email or you may use for that even our contact form for conversion kits. So far the kits are also released for applications with DPF if the active regeneration is driven by a separate fuel injector in the exhaust system behind the engine. DPF systems with active regeneration driven by post injection are not released yet for our conversion kits. 

03/2018 Isuzu chapter is now updated

Finally, we have come to the Isuzu vehicles in our database. As one of the largest engine manufacturers in association with other brands, Isuzu is particularly present in the American and Asian markets. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you our extensive range of Isuzu conversion kits online. Currently it includes small and medium sized engines, the larger commercial vehicle sector will be added later.

02/2018 Micro CHP visit in Kaarst

The visit of our good friend Bob was an opportunity for us to introduce him to a mini CHP in Kaarst with our longtime partner Peter Holzapfel. The device is very simple and can therefore be easily maintained and operated by the workshop operator. In Kaarst it ensures that the workshop can be worked at comfortable temperatures even in the winter months. For Mr. Holzapfel, the matter became interesting because he was able to drastically reduce his heating costs in particular.

01/2018 Release of engine with soot filters (DPF) for SVO/WVO applications

With the introduction of the improved vegetable oil standard, good conditions were already created for the reliable operation of converted vehicles with a diesel particulate filter some time ago. In particular, the first generation of diesel particulate filters worked reliably and also meant that vegetable oil engines could be operated reliably with this exhaust gas purification technology. Due to technical changes of some manufacturers in the diesel particle filter technology, we are now also able to convert the latest engines with diesel particulate filters. Currently, this involves Bosch engines with solenoid valve injectors and active regeneration driven by an extra fuel injection in to the exhaust pipe. For engines where the active regeneration is driven by post-injection into the combustion chamber or cylinder, we still do not  offer any conversion packages yet.